Trail Systems


RPM members are available to guide all trails. Please ask to the trailshack for more information. Due to wet weather, many ruts and holes have been dug out, and the trail has become twice as difficult as last year. Brown trail is new and a must see for everyone. Yellow is very difficult and no comparison to Brown. This trail has many new hills added since we first showed it last year. Make sure to try all the hills; they all have their own unique way of keeping you on your toes. The Yellow trail is also very diverse, with some trail riding, man made hills and rock piles. Our showcase trail is our Red trail. This trail is slightly more difficult than Yellow, there are more obstacles and closer together. Saturday morning this trail tends to be congested due to high demand and breakage on the trail. This trail takes the longest, so if you take it first, you may not get back before lunch, so pack one. We recommend trying the Pasture trail to avoid any congestion on Saturday morning. Its a great warmup for our other trail systems. Wide open with lots of hard obstacles in it... or you can just watch. If your entire group ever wants to return to camp at any time, please let the trail guide know.


This is the hardest of the three colored trails. Most of the obstacles are off of the main trail, thus they can be bypassed. This trail also has a downhill obstacle, which can be challenging in wet weather. "The Edge" is a rock ledge. Then (no name hill) is a new addition, which only seems to piss people off due to its difficulty. "Mickey Mouse" is a rutted, rocky disaster, with rock ledges and stumps. "Cheese Balls" is a combo hill of three different approach angles: hard, harder, and hardest! It's a very entertaining hill, especially with the return hill called "Skids" - self-described. Two new log hills have been added in 2004. Then the trail gets stumpy, dippy, and curvy at the "Snake Pit", which is stinky and slimy. "Bee Hill" is challenging to the most unlikely vehicles. Then down "Chunked", a greasy, clay hill. The next three hills are part of "Pitch Fork". Doable, but rock ledges are becoming exposed making the hill much more challenging than before. The last obstacle is many members' favorite. "Ed Style." Four different approach angles, because everyone's afraid of the center approach. New hill added is the "Cover Shot" for the 4-wheel & Off-Road Magazines November 2004 Issue! Check it out!

Yellow TRAIL

Starts off with "Stump Hill", a very steep hill that turns sharply at the top. Watch out! Then there is a steep down hill into some trees. The "Obstacle Course" is where you can try five. Some high centering for big rigs, but very interesting ruts have developed. The next obstacle is newly added, the "Rock Pile". We found the largest rocks we could, and put them into a huge pile. Yellow then moves back into the woods with two very extreme hills called "Insane" and "No Way". We chose the names appropriately. After another short path through the woods it comes out into "Wrecked'Em". This is a series of step-hills that get you up the huge, long hill. The next obstacle is newly added, and one of the most interesting. "Tattered" and "Torn" is a combo hill that is steep, then takes a hard left into "B-breaker", an extremely off-camber situation. To finish the trail, you must escalate up "Damaged", a steep side hill.


This is the newest trail system, with seven new hills. Its located on a new lot of land and the end connects into Melvin's Pasture. No details on the system today, check back soon. It ends in Melvin's Pasture, with the "Shale Pit". Please ask your trail guide to see "Hidden Treasures" as well if you get over there. The "Bowl" is very fun in snow, due to major driftage! This pasture also has fun moguls, jumping hills, and two difficult mud holes. For fun mud, go here!

Pasture TRAIL

The pasture is not a flat green field, with many hills and difficult obstacles. We don't wheel around cattle, but we may pass them so be quiet around any cattle and drive SLOW! This trail has no particular ordering sequence; the trail guide will show it to their preference. The pasture is about 600 acres of play land, so I'll describe some highlights. "The Ravine" is an interesting spring washout that can make you nose-dive, flex out, slide in, and get stuck. Straddling is the key. A few hills next to the ravine are full of stumps and loose timber. The "Car Woods" is a pass through of a car graveyard to go down a steep slide past a lightening tree up to "Lost Marbles". This is a rock hill full of rounded field rocks. It's a deceiving hill; imagine wheeling on marbles. Watch for flying rocks! Then you move into "Tornado". This is a logged off area, full of stumps and a few hills.

Badlands TRAIL

This is the hardest trail! Mud, Mud and MORE MUD! Winch and locker required, or a friend willing to winch you through. Please be prepared for a full day on this trail with food, TP, etc. There will probably be only one run of this trail per weekend, so be sure to ask what time it will be leaving. Remember, we do have recovery equipment to get you out, so understand if we have to retrieve your vehicle later that day.